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For lawyers, by coaches who understand legal

Lawyer Coach is a collaboration between Client Talk and Hansard Coaching. Both organisations provide coaching services to law firms. This collaboration harnesses the best that both offer. The diversity of thought that they bring means that they can challenge you and come up with a combined offering that gets the most from each other, the team of coaches they work with, and from you!


Finding the right coach can be a headache, but we can take the pain away. We offer free chemistry sessions with our coaches. On paper it is hard to see whether the rapport is there – and it can be hard to admit that it isn’t! With Lawyer Coach, if your professional doesn’t like the coach they have been matched with, that’s okay, we can provide an alternative.


Whether you are looking for a team of coaches to support your professionals, or a 1:1 offer for a particular individual, why don't you get in touch to see what we can offer?



Oliver Hansard and Claire Rason are both ex-City lawyers. That is not the only thing that unites them. They are also both coaches and share a passion for people. This desire to see people perform at their best was the inspiration for the podcast Lawyer's Coach. This collaboration grew into a combined coaching offer for law firms. 

Claire Rason, founder of Client Talk is particularly skilled at providing coaching programmes for firms looking to tackle some of the systemic challenges that get in the way of gender equity at partnership level. Her research into gender inequity at partnership has led to multiple speaking slots and she is regularly asked to write on the subject. 


Oliver Hansard, of Hansard Coaching, has a unique perspective having been in private practice and in-house. He also has numerous non-executive positions, which means that he has a unique commercial lens which he brings to coaching.


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