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Culture is "how we do things around here". In legal, particularly in private practice and especially in large partnerships, it is also about "who does things around here".  This series explores what is working - and what is not - with law firm culture and thinks about the implications of that culture. 

The podcast Lawyer's Coach is sponsored by Client Talk and Hansard Coaching.

EP1: Mental health in legal

Chris Parsons is Mental Wellbeing Champion at Herbert Smith Freehills. He speaks to Claire about his journey.  He describes how mental wellbeing came to the fore in his career and why that has meant that he is a champion for change. 

Chris Parsons - Herbert Smith Freehills - Lawyers Coach Podcast.jpg
EP2: The People perspective

Triona Ferriter is Chief People Officer at Arthur Cox. She speaks about the importance of getting buy-in to change, the impact of being a partnership has on change and culture, and reflects on the differences between the Irish and English legal markets. 

Triona Ferriter - Arthur Cox - Lawyers Coach Podcast
EP3: The O Factor

Dan Kayne of O-Shaped Lawyer joins Claire Rason to discuss culture in law.  What isn't  working from the point of view of clients? What needs to change and how? Speaking about the initiative which is so close to his heart, we think about how having the O-Factor could have profound implications for the sector.

Dan Kayne - O Shaped Lawyer - Lawyers Coach Podcast
EP4: Culture is the foundation on which everything is built

In this wide-ranging episode we speak to Trevor Sterling about his rise to Senior Partner at Moore Barlow. We speak about imposter syndrome and confidence. Trevor speaks about celebrating diversity. We even talk about challenge in the context of mergers in the pandemic. Trevor sets out why he believes culture is the foundation on which everything is built.

Trevor Sterling - Moore Barlow - Lawyers Coach Podcast.jpeg
EP5: Lawyers are people too

In this episode we speak to Elizabeth Rimmer, Chief Executive of LawCare. Elizabeth speaks to us about the impact that legal culture has on mental health in the provision. We explore what changes need to be made and think about the importance of teaching lawyers about the role of emotions. 

Elizabeth Rimmer - LawCare - Lawyers Coach Podcast.jpg
EP6: A conversation about culture

In this last episode of this series, Claire and Oliver reflect on the insights gained.  They speak about the impact that culture has on diversity, through the lens of a diversity study with a difference. They also explore the impact of the Billable Hour on culture. Is this the elephant in the room that needs to change before anything else can work?

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