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One-to-one coaching

Why might you choose to have a coach? 

Coaching has come a long way and more and more legal professionals are turning to coaching to give them an edge.  Coaching provides a space where lawyers can explore their goals and think about how they can move forward with them. It can help lawyers overcome some of the challenges that they face - big and small.

Work-life balance. Managing teams. Business Development. Partnership. Office politics. These are just some of the themes that regularly come up when we coach lawyers.

Whilst there are now a number of coaches who coach lawyers, many of those are individuals who work solo. What that means it is hard for law firms to scale the coaching they offer their professionals. It also means that if there isn't a fit with a coach the law firm has to go back to the drawing board. We work to make sure that your firm has a pool of coaches and help you match the right coach with the professional seeking coaching. If the fit isn't there, that's okay, we can assign a different coach. 

Reasons to use Lawyer Coach


Coaching for lawyers from coaches who understand legal

Our coaches have been lawyers themselves. They have worked in private practice and in-house. They understand the context in which lawyers work. This is important. We do not exist in isolation. Our behaviours are impacted by those around us. Our goals need to make sense in the environment which we inhabit.  Having this broader perspective of the legal industry means we are sensitive to the context in which lawyers operate. This helps us build rapport quickly and to ask the most challenging questions.


Free chemistry sessions

We offer free chemistry sessions – an opportunity for you to find out more about your coach and their approach to coaching. There is no obligation and it is a way for you to “try before you buy”.  To find out more, get in touch


Flexible options

One-to-one coaching can take place virtually or in person.  Both offer the same results and come down to personal preferences. They typically last between 60 and 90 minutes and offer you an opportunity to work with someone who will listen without judgment and challenge you to think differently.

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