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2020 was a year of change. It changed the way we worked, the way we listened, the way we do business. In Series 3, Claire and Oliver interview a range of key figures in law, in order to explore what the impact of 2020 has been on the legal profession.  Will 2.0 emerge?

The podcast Lawyer's Coach is sponsored by Client Talk and Hansard Coaching.


Sadie Baron is CMO of global law firm Reed Smith LLP. She reflects on the positives of 2020 and its impact on the legal profession. She speaks to Claire about the need not only to do different things, but crucially, to also do things differently.

Susan Baron - Reed Smith - Lawyers Coach Podcast.jpg

Benjamin White created a community for in-house lawyers. He started it to fulfil a personal need but he soon came to realise that the need was greater than he first thought and so Crafty Counsel was born.

Ben speaks about his journey in law and what he sees as the legacy of 2020. We also think about the changing role of the in-house lawyer from risk manager to business partner.

Benjamin White - Crafty Counsel - Lawyers Coach Podcast.jpeg

Alice Stephenson is a lawyer who is not afraid to challenge the way things have always been done. She created Stephenson Law to do just that. Clients have been delighted with the result and peers have sat up and taken notice.


We find out about her journey, ask her what she sees as controversial, and discuss her efforts to humanise the legal profession. 

Alice Stephenson - Stephensons Law - Lawyers Coach Podcast

Andrew Calder is partner at Kirkland & Ellis LLP. We spoke to him about the impact of 2020 on his practice and about how firms in the US have reacted to a very unique year.

Andrew Calder - Kirkland Ellis - Lawyers Coach Podcast

Amy Gibson is Legal Counsel at Genus Plc. Her versatility has enabled her to work as a lawyer in a range of industries. We talk about how relationships, flexibility and connectedness are key tools of her trade, and how using past experiences in new contexts can enhance a lawyer’s impact.


Manu Kanwar is the founder of LexSolutions. Manu is passionate about bringing wellbeing and culture to the fore and we explore how culture can drive forward so much within business. We talk about the need for lawyers to be emotionally intelligent as well as technically excellent.  We think about what clients want and how they can drive change in the profession. 


We also review 2020 and think about its impact on the future: on legal tech; contract optimization; collaboration; and more! 

Manu Kanwar - LexSolutions - Lawyers Coach Podcast.jpeg
In conversation with Miriam Gonzalez

Miriam Gonzalez Durantez is a leading international trade lawyer. She is also the founder of Inspiring Girls.


Claire Rason caught up with Miriam to discuss how her journey led her to where she is today.  Miriam believes that it is time to start doing this, however, she also recognises the need to generate discussion around difficult issues and both women discuss one of the existing taboos with women in work.


This episode also looks at the importance of role models and breaking down stereotypes and why we shouldn't be settling on 30%.

Miriam Gonzalez - Inspiring Girls - Lawyers Coach Podcast
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