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In Series 8 of the Lawyer's Coach Podcast, notable guests share insights on various aspects of the legal profession. All of our guests underline the importance of culture on success. Nikki Edwards discusses the importance of firm values and her commitment to diversity. We also explore diversity from the client side, with Lexi Segal of BT sharing her perspective. Lee Curtis highlights the significance of soft skills for lawyers, also encouraging the development of something unique. In a similar vein, Sarah Henwood emphasizes the essential power skills that lawyers need beyond their technical expertise. Finally, we hear from some non-lawyers. Nicky Owen underscores the value of individual progression and the need for firms to share stories for effective diversity and inclusion. Lastly, Rob Bower discusses the pivotal role of culture in bringing individuals back to the office, emphasizing the importance of designing workspaces to suit tasks. 

The podcast Lawyer's Coach is sponsored by Client Talk and Hansard Coaching.

EP1: Find Your Splendid Splinter

In this episode Oliver Hansard speaks to Lee Curtis of LINAR consulting. He describes what lawyers need to think about if they want to differentiate and win new work. He explores why it's time to find your splendid splinter!

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EP2: Partnering Authentically: insights from a tax expert

In this episode, Claire Rason sits down with Nicky Owen, Head of Professional Practices at Crowe, to explore her unique career journey from working with underwater explosives to becoming a senior equity partner in the field of tax. They delve into the importance of authentic leadership, the challenges of developing people in the evolving workplace, and insights from Crowe's benchmarking survey on topics such as cybercrime, ESG, and ED&I. 

EP3: CEO Insights

This episode of the Lawyers Coach podcast features Sarah Henwood, the CEO of Thomson, Snell and Passmore, recognised as the oldest law firm by the Guinness Book of Records. Sarah, breaking the mould as a non-lawyer, shares her background in marketing and business development, emphasising the value of a fresh perspective.

EP4: Culture: the crucial key to office comeback

Rob Bower, Managing Partner of Montagu Evans, tells Claire Rason about why he believes the key to encouraging individuals to return to the office lies in fostering a strong organisational culture. While creating appealing workspaces is important, leadership plays a crucial role in shaping a culture that attracts employees back to the workplace. 

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EP5: How to succeed on your own terms

Nikki Edwards, partner at Howard Kennedy, talks to Oliver about navigating her career as a litigator. She speaks of the importance of values and how she has used these as her guide. She also discusses how she has been working hard to raise DEI as a priority in legal.

EP6: A client's perspective on DEI 

Lexi Segal, in-house at BT, has had a pivotal role in driving forward BT's desire to see more effective DEI initatives in law firms. She speaks to Claire about the importance of the little actions that support inclusion and how BT works with its panel firms to understand how collectively the profession can be better.

EP7: Culture and coaching

In this episode Oliver and Claire reflect on the series and discuss the findings of their legal pulse survey. They discuss the role that coaching has to play in solving some of the big challenges that the industry faces.

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