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Lawyer's Coach


Knowing the law is no longer enough. Lawyers are expected to deliver excellent client service, they need to sell, they need to be inspirational leaders and get the most from their teams. How can lawyers make sure they are focusing on the right skills and how can they come to this learning with the right mindset? This series explores some of key skills that lawyers need.

The podcast Lawyer's Coach is sponsored by Client Talk and Hansard Coaching.

EP1: Flex Journey

Mary Bonsor saw a problem and created a company to solve it! Mary speaks to us about the journey of Flex Legal, from idea to investment and beyond. She also describes how Flex Legal is now working to diversify the profession and helping businesses to grow and retain talent.

Mary Bonsor - Flex Legal - Lawyers Coach Podcast.JPG
EP2: The S word

Raya Blakeley-Glover, Head of Business Development - Markets & Business Relationships at Bird & Bird speaks to us about her passion for business development. She opens up her toolkit and shares a wealth of tips and tricks for law firms. She might even get you rethinking the S word: sales!

Raya Blakeley Glover - Bird & Bird - Lawyers Coach Podcast.jpg
EP3: Pushing boundaries

Helen Lowe of easyJet is making waves in legal for all the right reasons. In the middle of the pandemic she devised a pitch with a difference. It challenged law firms in order to get the sort of advisors they needed. Two years on from the Himalayas Pitch we caught up with Helen to find out whether it delivered the results she was expecting.

Helen Lowe - Easy jet - Lawyers Coach Podcast.jpg
EP4: Art of the possible

Change is constant. Anna Lind, head of strategy & business transformation at RPC, talks about how she works to drive change through her organisation. She provides some tips and a model to help firms navigate change. Find out what her views are on the art of the possible.

Anna Lind - RPC - Lawyers Coach Podcast.jpeg
EP5: The Client Perspective

Sarah McCarthy is Chief Legal Officer at dunnhumby. She caught up with Oliver Hansard to talk about the transition from private practice to in-house lawyer; the skills she looks for in her team; and why it is important to learn everyday.

Sarah McCarthy - dunnhumby - Lawyers Coach Podcast.png
EP6: Being Aware

In this last episode of this series Claire and Oliver are joined in conversation with Nicola Jones, learning designer, facilitator and coach and founder of Athena Professional.  Together they reflect on the series, the importance of awareness and its role in building skills.

Nicola Jones - Athena Porfessional - Lawyers Coach Podcast.jpeg
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