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The billable hour is the marmite of the legal world. It produces a lot of what coaches describe as "black and white thinking". Many bemoan that the billable hour rewards inefficiency, stiffles innovation and leads to burn-out. Others point to it its ease of use as a metric and question whether there is anything that could realistically take its place. In this series we speak to pricing experts, private practice lawyers and in-house counsel to find out more.  

The podcast Lawyer's Coach is sponsored by Client Talk and Hansard Coaching.


EP1: The Pricing Expert's View of the Billable Hour

Richard Burcher dedicates all of his time to legal services pricing consultancy work and is widely regarded as the leading international authority on pricing legal services. We caught up with him to find out his take on the billiable hour.

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EP2: The Private Practice Perspective

Daniel Martin is London Head of Business Crime and Regulation at JMW Solicitors.  He spoke to Oliver Hansard about his journey to becoming a lawyer and also his take on the billable hour. 


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EP3: The Distruptor

Adam Morallee is the Founding Partner of litigation boutique Brandsmiths, specialising in IP and sports matters.  Adam spoke to Claire about his take on the billiable hour. Adam also shared some insights on setting up a firm of his own and how Brandsmiths has grown.

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EP4: The Marmite of Legal

The billable hour has been the theme of the latest series with presenters  Claire Rason and Oliver Hansard  talking to a variety of guests about what is the marmite of legal.

 In this episode Claire and Oliver are going to reflect on what they have learned so far and also share some thoughts of their own.

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